Hotel description

located on a spit of quartz sand on the shore of the Black sea, in Zatoka, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi rayon, Odesa region, 50 km from Odessa. Magical morning on the Sunny-Positive begins with the gentle singing of birds, a hot afternoon, campers spend on the Cote d'azur sea, and in the evenings enjoy the cool sea breeze in the shade of our garden.

Address: 67772, Zatoka, Odessa region, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Zatoka, Zatoka, Lazurnaya street, 56

Terms of stay

These rules of accommodation in hotel are general and can vary by room type. Please check the room description.


Location, directions to the hotel

Route: to Odessa (railway.d. station, airport) from the airport route taxi № 129 as well.d. station, then the train "Odessa-B-Dniester" to the station "Solar" or minibus № 560 to the station "Solar", then walk 100m to the recreation center "Solnechnaya POZITIV"